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Starting the Service

Getting started

Crossroads Lewis takes referrals from family, friends, GPs, Social & Community Services or separate organisations e.g. Macmillan.  When a service has been requested, the Manager will arrange a home visit to assess your needs.  We will be interested to hear what you (both the Service User and Carer) expect from the service and details on when you would like your visits.  


We will also ask you what is required, and we will explain our policies and procedures.  If outings are part of the service, then details of these and arrangements will also be discussed with you.


If Crossroads Lewis is able to meet your needs then:

  • A Service User Agreement will be prepared, which you will be asked to sign

Service Users are asked to agree to a simple Service User Agreement.  The agreement may include authorisation to support you during outings or to administer medication.  


If the Service User is unable to enter into an agreement due to incapacity, the person’s authorised representative will be asked to sign an alternative agreement in consultation with you.

  • A Personal Plan will be drawn up, describing the care and support Crossroads Lewis will provide. You will be asked to sign your personal plan, which you will also receive a copy of.

A Personal Plan is a description of the service you will receive from Crossroads Lewis.  It will include the times of home visits, the tasks that will be carried out and the activities that you will get support with.  If any special tasks or administering medication are required, details will be attached.  The Personal Plan will be reviewed every six months.

  • A support worker will be introduced to you before the service commences. 

The Personal Plan also tells the support worker how to provide the care and support in such a way that safeguards you and protects you from harm.  Support Workers are instructed not to give out their personal telephone or contact numbers.  You can ask for your Service User Agreement and Personal Plan to be reviewed or changed at any time.


The Service User Agreement and Personal Plan will be kept in a Crossroads Lewis folder, together with other information e.g., emergency contact details and records of care provided.  This folder is kept in your home and will belong to you whilst you receive a Crossroads Lewis service.  The support worker will regularly sign the Daily Record Sheet in the folder.  The folder should be returned to the Crossroads Lewis office, when your service ends.

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