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Aims of the Service

  • To provide carer respite, regardless of age, disability or illness. 

  • To provide support for these living alone in exceptional circumstances.

Our main aim is to value carers, providing respite to give them time to themselves. Caring, though rewarding, can be isolating, exhausting and all-consuming. Carers need time to look after themselves. We can provide respite to attend appointments, socialise or rest and recuperate. 

We also support people living alone in exceptional circumstances, who may be struggling with ill health, loneliness or disability. 

Most referrals are made by phone, our office is open 9am - 4pm Monday to Friday and anyone can make a referral. Call us on 01851 705422.


Core Values

Crossroads Lewis is committed to treating carers and people with care needs with respect and sensitivity, recognising the dignity and value of each person for whom a service is provided.  Confidentiality will be maintained at all times.

Carers and people with care needs will be supported in exercising self-determination, making choices and maintaining their independence.

We are committed to responding to the diversity of needs presented and developing appropriate quality services.  These will be flexible to meet the needs of each carer and each person with care needs.

Crossroads Lewis is committed to implementing the National Care Standards and the SSSC Codes of Practice. We are also inspected every year by the Care Inspectorate and have in the past received excellent and good ratings. The latest inspection report can be found hereFind care ( 

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