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Policies & Procedures

Crossroads Lewis has a range of policies and procedures which we must adhere to. They are designed to ensure that services operate legally, safely and efficiently.


Click on the boxes below to read our various procedures and policies.

Standards of Care

Crossroads Lewis:


         ● Strive to provide a high-quality service that meets the expectations of Service Users and Carers.

         ● Comply with all legal requirements, including the registration of services with the Care Inspectorate.

Quality Assurance Policy

Our commitment to quality is set out in our Quality Assurance policy which states:

‘It is a primary and continuing policy of Crossroads Lewis that, in the conduct of all its activities and those affiliated Area Schemes, it will strive to maintain a high standard of care consistent with needs, fitness for purpose and cost-effective use of resources.  By employing and maintaining a high calibre staff, training and developing them to ensure their motivation by utilising appropriate standards, and by monitoring compliance, Crossroads will endeavour to maximise the benefits and the quality of care to the client and to meet the Carer’s needs appropriate to the situation.’


standards of cre
quality assurance
Code of Confidentiality



‘It is the policy of this Scheme that all information regarding Service Users and Carers are treated as confidential.  Mutual trust is paramount to the successful provision of the service.


  1. Management Committee Members and Scheme staff must treat personal information as confidential, as a matter of course.

  2. Information given in confidence should only be used for the purpose for which it was intended, and on a ‘need to know’ basis.  It should not be released to others without prior consent.

  3. Service Users and Carers and/or clients should be made fully aware of what will happen to the information they provide, including who will have access to it, and the possible consequences of disclosure.  The possible consequences of not disclosing should also be explained.


Management Committee and members of staff should discuss Service Users and Carers and their records, only in a purposeful way in the course of their duty, or are necessary, for training.’

Breach of the Code of Confidentiality may result in the initiation of disciplinary procedures.  All staff must sign a declaration that they have read and understood the above Code of Confidentiality.  All information is treated confidentially, and held securely locked in the Crossroads Lewis office.

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